Local Band, Bare Feet to play at The Rockport Bar


BARE FEET (Acoustic, Bluegrass, Blues) playing on Saturday November 9th from 8pm-10pm at The Rockport Bar & Grill.

If you are new to Skagit County, or have not yet dipped your toes (pun intended) into the local music scene, then maybe you’ve never heard of Bare Feet. So let me tell you a little about one of my favorite local bands….

Bare Feet was formed in 2001 in Concrete. Josh Fichter and Ray Hambleton, childhood friends, were the backbone of the band. Bare Feet also included Bob Lahr, Jesse Lahr and Sam King who, according to Josh, were “hippies who never wore shoes” …. hence the name of the band “Bare Feet”.  

Bare Feet now includes Josh’s father, Jim Fichter, two of Josh’s sons, Gibson and Marshall Fichter, as well as Tony Wright, who Josh met during jam sessions with other local musicians. 

At one time, Bare Feet included and nurtured two young and upcoming musicians who went on to make names for themselves in the Skagit local music scene… Jack Mattingly (front man for Whiskey Fever) and Jesse Eldridge (bass player for Gin Gypsy).

Bare Feet had taken some hiatuses while Josh was raising his kids with his wife Andrea, who was his high school sweetheart. Now that the kids are grown, Bare Feet has started playing regularly and will be in the recording studio soon.

My favorite thing about Bare Feet, other than their toe tapping, upbeat songs, is their family vibe. Not only is Josh’s father and two of his sons in the band, but his wife Andrea is always in the audience supporting them. And they make everyone around them feel like they are family as well. It’s such a loving, accepting and wonderful hometown feeling at their shows. And the back and forth banter between Josh & Ray is hilarious. 

I feel like Bare Feet is the perfect representation of what American family values should be… family, friends, love, laughter and lots of great music and dancing. And we are so lucky that they call Skagit Valley home. 


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