Small Fall Festival

Coming up this Friday, November 8th at the Burlington Community Center is an opportunity to support Skagit County’s own Glenda Small AND listen to some great live music by Cop Talk, as well as Gin Gypsy. 

Glenda Small’s son, Tanner Small, is a musician in Cop Talk, whose music stylings follow the garage rock band genre.  It speaks volumes of our Skagit County music community that Gin Gypsy will donate their time and talent to help out a fellow band family. In the cut throat world of music, where more followers equals more money, it is so refreshing to see how our Skagit County musicians will pull together for one of their own. 

Please click on the link to get tickets to this fundraiser. You’ll hear great local live music, enjoy some fantastic food, and be able to participate in a silent auction, raffles and a live auction. But most importantly, kick off the season of giving by helping out Glenda Small who has spent her life helping Skagit County residents in her career as an RN.



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