Poop Smart at the Tulip Festival


Whether your plan this weekend is to head to the tulip fields or head out on a hike.  Skagit County is reminding us to #poopsmart.Pile of Poo on Apple

The tulips are now in full bloom and the daffodils are still pretty spectacular.  But a reminder about an important fecal matter.

If you have friends or family traveling here for the Tulip Festival, please remind them to plan their restroom stops. Traffic can get pretty nasty, and it could take up to an hour to get from the freeway out to the tulip fields. Remind them to stop in town and use a restroom before heading out to the fields.

You wouldn’t believe the stories we hear of errant pooping. I really wish I was kidding. Poop is not fertilizer. It’s full of disease-causing bacteria, and must be managed appropriately.

For the record, the following places are NOT appropriate for laying a loaf:
– the roadside
– a nearby field (we grow FOOD here)
– someone’s front yard
– a parking lot, either at the fields or in town

If you or someone you know should find themselves in an emergency, please follow the same procedures that are recommended for dogs: bag it and trash it. For further tips, please visit https://poopsmart.org/recreationalists.

Spread the word, not the turd! And thanks for helping us get to the bottom of this problem.  Story Credit: Karen DuBose, Skagit County



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