Mount Vernon Student Raises $550 to Buy EnChroma Glasses for Classmate

Screenshot: Mr. Bishop's YouTube Video

Mount Vernon, WA – As part of a class project, Levi Hander, a student at Jefferson Elementary School in Mount Vernon raised over $550.00 to buy a color deficient  classmate EnChroma glasses, which allow the wearers to see a range of colors.

In class, and as part of an NPR student podcast challenge, Levi and other students write, record and edit their own podcasts about something they are passionate about in life. Levi chose to focus his podcast on his  10-year old friend and classmate, Kade Korkner.  Kade, a fifth grader at Jefferson,  can see colors, just not like other people see them.  Levi, who says he’s watched numerous videos of those with color deficiencies receiving similar EnChroma glasses, set out determined to raise enough money to buy a pair for his friend. He contacted his friends mother and with her permission, Levi set  the fundraising wheels in motion.

Marc Hander, Levi’s father, who is a pastor at Salem Lutheran Church said Levi tried to raise money to buy the glasses by hosting a bake sale. When Levi didn’t raise enough money the first time around, he didn’t give up and then held a raffle. The Salem Lutheran Church community helped him raise enough money on the first day of his raffle  to purchase both indoor and outdoor glasses for Kade.

After Levi ordered and received the glasses, he presented Kade with both  indoor and outdoor glasses  at school. Jefferson Teacher Mr.  Bishop filmed Kades reaction after wearing the glasses for the first time.  See the video below


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