New Mount Vernon City Councilmember


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December 26, 2018

MOUNT VERNON—City Council has announced that candidate Erin Moberg will be filling the Ward 1 council position that is being vacated by Joe Lindquist.

Councilmember Moberg was sworn-in by Mayor Boudreau today at City Hall, and will begin serving as councilmember, beginning on January 1st. Councilmember Lindquist wraps-up 14 years of city council service, as he moves on to accept an elected position as a Skagit P.U.D. commissioner.

The process of selecting a replacement for Lindquist consisted of an open call to Ward 1 residents who have lived in Mount Vernon for more than one year. The invitation attracted four candidates who were all interviewed by City Council in a public forum on December 19th. Moberg was voted-in at the end of that same meeting.

Lindquist’s original city council term runs from January 2016 to December 2019; meaning that Moberg will finish out Lindquist’s term, but will be required to run for (re)election in 2019 if she wishes to retain the seat.

Moberg, a registered nurse who works for a local medical group, said that she is looking forward to building relationships within our community, as well as bringing a new perspective to the city council.

“As a motivated healthcare worker, homeowner and taxpayer, I am confident that I will offer a well-rounded approach to the City Council’s endeavors,” Moberg said. “And I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the public and help keep Mount Vernon a great city to raise a family in.”

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