Little Mountain Park Maintenance Closure



MOUNT VERNON—Mount Vernon Parks Department will be closing Little Mountain Park Road to all vehicle and pedestrian traffic on Wednesday December 19th from7:30am to Noon.

The closure affects the main road into the park, as well as two Park trails; Rooty Trail and La-Z-Boy Trail. The closure will allow Parks staff to safely remove dead and dying trees that have become a hazard along the roadway and trails.

Parks staff has learned that many of the trees have been impacted by the recent recurring drought conditions which are contributing to the outbreak of a soil fungus that weakens, and often kills the trees.

Information on these changing conditions in our area was the topic that drew 130 curious attendees to the Mount Vernon Library Wednesday night to listen to WSU Extension Forestry professor Kevin Zobrist lecture on the subject.

Next Wednesday morning’s closure of Little Mountain Park will not be the MV Parks Department’s first response to this widespread problem, as it becomes a growing safety and budgetary concern for Parks staff.

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