Lake Shannon Boat Launch Set to Close for Debris Boom Replacement

Photo: Army Corps of Engineers

Concrete, WA – The Lake Shannon Boat Launch will be intermittently closed from September 4th to December 14th to replace and upgrade the debris boom, Puget Sound Energy (PSE)  released in a statement.

“Puget Sound Energy takes public safety very seriously and needs to close the launch while cranes and heavy equipment work nearby.”

Closures are scheduled from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday, intermittently, though at times, the ramp may be closed continuously for up to six days between September and mid-December, Said PSE.

Due to the nature of the work, it will be difficult to forecast actual closure dates, more than a week in advance. There are times the boat launch will open intermittently, during the stated closure dates.  PSE will install and update a sign at the bottom of Baker River Road, indicating the actual closure days for each week. Boaters can also check the  website for weekly updates.

PSE said upgrading the debris boom is necessary to better protect the Lower Baker Dam and the surrounding communities during extreme flood events. Their goal is to keep the boat launch open as much as possible.

This Baker River reservoir is located just North Of Concrete. Puget Sound Energy provides public access, with a gravel boat launch.

Anyone with additional questions is asked to contact or call (360) 853-8341.

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