Body of Missing Marblemount Man Found


Marblemount, WA – The Skagit County Coroner’s Office has identified the human remains found east of Cascade River Park near Marblemount, Washington as those of 32-year old Missing person Edgar “Jimmy” James Robinnette, born in 1981.

Mr. Robinette was last seen on January 4th, 2014.  He was 32-year old at the time of his disappearance.  Court Documents show that detectives believe Robinnette went missing after him and a former acquaintance 57-year old Steven Frederick Gest got into a physical altercation after a night of drinking.  The men Reportedly  knew each other and lived in the same neighborhood.

Court documents show that witnesses told police the two  men had been drinking together and Robinette, refused to ride home with Gest because he was “too drunk to drive.”  The witnesses also told Detectives that Robinette told them Gest tried to run him over as he walked home and the two got into a physical altercation.  Gest also reportedly threatened to burn down Robinettes house after he beat up Gest.

Family and friends of Robinette’s searched for him after they noticed him missing and  several of his personal belongings were  still at his residence. During the ground  search for him, his friends found a baseball cap and large piece of plastic with pools of blood around it on Cascade River Road near his residence.  They reported Robinette missing to police on January 6th, 2014.

Detectives attempted to contact Gest,  the last person seen with Robinette, at his residence,  but could not find him.  Detectives observed plastic similar to the material found on Cascade River Road covered in blood at the home of Gest. Detectives then put out an attempt to locate on Gest.

On January 14th, 2014, Ocean Shores Police Officers spotted a red 1994 Toyota 4-Runner belonging to  Gest at a hotel in Ocean Shores. Detectives from the Skagit County Sheriff’s Office traveled to Ocean Shores and took him into custody  before transporting him back to the Skagit County Jail where he was held on a  $750,000 magistrate warrant for investigation of First-degree manslaughter and second-degree assault.

On January 16th, 2014, Skagit County Sheriff’s Deputies with the assistance of the Washington State Patrol Crime Scene Response Team served a search warrant on Gest’s home and vehicle.

At the Gest residence, Human Blood and blood splatter was found in the carport, on plastic that was similar to the plastic Robinette’s family and friends found covered in blood on Cascade River Road and they found blood on a shirt in a bedroom.  Inside Gest’s Toyota 4-Runner they found blood stains, as well as blood on a pair of boots and some gauze.

This is a developing story and additional information will be released as it becomes available.


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