WDFW Seeks Beta Testers For its Free Mobile Fishing App


The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is seeking the public’s help in beta testing its free mobile fishing application prior to app’s official release in April 2018. The “Fish Washington” app is designed to convey up-to-the-minute fishing regulations for every lake, river, stream, and marine area in the state and is available for download now at Google Play and Apple’s App store.

The application contains many great features, including:

  • Interactive mapping to help anglers find fishing near them.
  • Details on harvest limits and allowable gear for fishable species in each body of water.
  • Access to the Fish Washington website and instruction videos designed to convey when, where, and how to fish in Washington.
  • Locations of boat launches and other fishing access points.
  • Ability to add waypoints on maps, and report poaching in progress.
  • Downloadable updates and offline capacity designed for those who may not heave cell service in remote areas or on the water.

The agency is sharing this early release to gain anglers’ help in working out any unaticipated bugs. The testing effort is also meant to encourage scrutiny of how the rules will display for every body water in Washington. Some inconsistencies and errors may pop up given that the rules associates with every stream, lake, and river in Washington have never been displayed on an app like this before.

The WDFW encourages everyone to download the Fish Washington app by visiting Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store. They also encourage everyone to use the commenting features within the app stores to provide feedback, which will help the department make improvements prior to the app’s official launch this spring. App testers can also leave comments at mobileappdev@dfw.wa.gov, and WDFW asks that testers indicate which type of device they are using.

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