Former Leather Tannery Settles Dangerous Waste Penalty With Department of Ecology


Marysville, WA – A former leather tannery has agreed to pay a $80,000 fine to the Washington Department of Ecology to settle a penalty for accepting dangerous waste from another business, and for failing to assess and properly manage other dangerous waste stored at its Marysville facility.

The Department of Ecology originally fined Quil Ceda Tanning Company $120,000 in December 2016 after inspectors found a variety of dangerous wastes abandoned on the site, and other wastes from a neighboring business being illegally stored on the site. According to Washington’s dangerous waste laws, Quil Ceda Tanning was responsible for evaluating and properly disposing of the abandoned waste, and needed a permit if it was storing dangerous waste for others.

Following the inspections, Quil Ceda Tanning spent about $63,000 to properly clean up and dispose of the dangerous waste. Raman Iyer, section manager for The Department of Ecology’s hazardous waste and toxics reduction program said this in response to the situation:

We were very concerned by how dangerous materials were being stored on this site, and we’re pleased to see the property owner safely manage these chemicals. All companies that deal with dangerous materials need to understand and follow the dangerous waste laws to protect employees, the public, and the environment.

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