Woolley Food Forest Completed, Donated to Helping Hands Food Bank

Woolley Food Forest Association

Sedro-Woolley, WA – Two years of hard work and dedication have paid off for the Woolley Food Forest Association (WFFA). The WFFA has completed the Woolley Food Forest, gifting the Food Forest to the Helping Hands Food Bank (“HHFB”) as part of HHFB’s new facility soon to open on Fruitdale Road in Sedro-Woolley.

Woolley Food Forest Association

The Woolley Food Forest is a permaculture-based planting consisting of dozens of different species of trees, shrubs and ground cover, the intent of which is to produce food and other beneficial uses with few outside inputs.

Woolley Food Forest Association

“This is about sorting out how to grow food without modern agriculture’s reliance on fossil fuel, industrial chemicals and all the other extensive but finite mined resource inputs, something that’s critically important for our future on Earth as a species,” said WFFA spokesperson Alex von Humboldt. “Ultimately, it’s about cooperatively working with nature as an interconnected part of the Earth, rather than our society’s dominant food production model that views the Earth ecosystem, its living soil, and its processes as a competitive enemy to be conquered.”

Woolley Food Forest Association

“We are immeasurably grateful to all the organizations, businesses, tribes and individuals in our community that contributed so much of their personal time and resources to make the Food Forest happen, and we are incalculably pleased to now gift HHFB with this wonderful resource,” von Humboldt said.

Woolley Food Forest Association

The Food Forest is also intended to shield the residential neighborhood to the north of the new HHFB property from the noise, light, traffic and visual impacts that the HHFB building and its patrons will create, which is part of HHFB’s permit for its new building.

“This is a true example of a win-win partnership for our community,” said WFFA spokesperson von Humboldt. “We are incapable of expressing how excited we are to see what happens in the years to come.”

Woolley Food Forest Association

Additional Photos and Information can be found on the Woolley Food Forest Association Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/WoolleyFoodForest 

For further information, please contact Helping Hands Food Bank Executive Director Becky Larsen at rebeccas@helpinghandsfoodbank.org.


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