Mount Vernon Man Charged with Burglary and Rape


Local Crime NewsMount Vernon, WA:  On July 19th, 2014, Mount Vernon officers responded to a fight on S. 2nd Street in Mount Vernon. Arriving officers contacted 3 male subjects, one who was identified as 21 year old Domingo Montar-Morales.    Mr. Montar-Morales had a wallet of another person on his person as well as a large amount of cash.

Upon further investigation, Detective learned that the three men were fighting because two of the men had chased the 3rd man from their home after the man had broken into the home and sexually assaulted a young female. *The names of the two other men are removed to protect the child*

Officers questioned a female under 18 years of age. Officers learned that around or shortly after midnight the girl was awakened by someone touching her while she was asleep on the living room floor.  The young girl stated that someone was touching her back and then put their hands under her clothing.  *note*  We are omitting most of the details of the sexual assault to protect the child.   The girl stated she was  originally  scared and pretended to be asleep. She  thought that it was the friend of a another person  that lived with them that was touching her.  After fending off the attacker, she got up and left the room, where she went and hid in the bathroom for 20 or so minutes until her mom came to the door. After talking to her mother, the mother went and confronted the other person that lived with them about the person in the living room. The girl returned to the spot she was sleeping.  The subject returned and said something about being sorry and again tried to kiss the girl.  The girl pushed the man and told him to leave. The subject then went into another room in the residence before leaving. A short time later, the subject returned and tried to gain access through a window.  Other people at  the residence were notified and this is when two subjects that lived in the residence chased after the subject and the officers were called for the fight.

The residents  stated that they did not know who the subject was that was in their residence and no one invited him in.  They believe they might have left the front door unlocked and that is how he gained access.

On the same day, around 2 am, while officers were still investigating the above case, they received another reported a burglary which occurred nearby.   It was reported that a wallet was taken while they were sleeping.

The residents woke up to find someone touching him. The home owner tried to grab the subject by grabbing his jacket and the suspect took off, slipping out of his jacket.   The home owner reportedly had about $700.00 in his wallet when it was taken along with other personal items. The homeowners wife also said she felt someone touching her when she was sleeping. Their daughters coin purse was also missing.

When officers contacted Mr. Montar-Morales, at the fight,  the wallet he had on his person was the wallet that was  reported stolen from the 2nd residence. The child’s coin purse was also found on Montar-Morales when he was arrested.

Montar-Morales was highly agitated and uncooperative with Law Enforcement. He refused to get out of the patrol car to be cleared at the hospital before being transported to jail.

Officers said Montar-Morales appeared to be highly intoxicated and would frequently yell at Officers during the arrest process.

Montar-Morales is currently being held in the Skagit County Jail on charges of Burglary 1st degree,  Residential Burglary, Child molestation, theft 2nd degree, theft 3rd  and Rape of a Child 2nd degree.


Note: All Subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of Law.

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