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We provide  scanner traffic from our local Police, Fire and EMS airwaves. I enjoy off beat news, and in addition to local news, we also post  odd news stories from around the globe, but we are not a “News” site.   It is not libel or slander for us to talk about an arrest or a crime that we hear about on the scanner.  Here, on our site, people are not innocent until proven guilty.  It means something in a court of law, but it doesn’t mean anything here.  Our Court system is set up to  treat people accused of a crime with the respect afforded an innocent person, but we don’t have to.  If you are caught (and/or arrested)  in the process of committing a crime, against someone in our community, don’t expect us to feel bad for you or your privacy. If you victimize someone else, same thing. We will post surveillance video, photos or any other information we can in an attempt to help apprehend you.  Politically correct? Nope. We are who we are and believe what we believe. We will freely speak our minds without having to be politically correct. If you want politically correct “news”, there are a ton of News sites out there that you can go to that keep things P.C. to satisfy everyone.  Morals? Yes. Values? Yes. We have both morals and values and respect hard work and abiding the law. We don’t steal. We don’t commit crimes. We are not experts, and we don’t pretend to be. We are simply just like you. We are parents, friends and family who are somewhat functioning members of society. Our kids are involved in sports, we work multiple jobs and we give back to our community through volunteering. Skagit Breaking, posts information about people who are suspected of committing a crime and we  expose and (potentially)  pokes fun at those  people  in the same way the TV Show “cops” entertains us with video of arrests.  With that said, all persons we post about on this site, Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else  are considered legally innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

How did we come about?

Skagit Breaking was started shortly after the May 23, 2013 Skagit River Bridge  Collapse in Skagit County, Washington.  The bridge collapsed after being struck by an oversize truck.  Skagit Breaking is a place for Skagit County Residents to share information, voice their opinions and stay connected with one another during situations that affect us all. We post police, fire and EMS scanner traffic. We post community events and other breaking news and odd stories from around the world.    Skagit Breaking is now reaching around 115,000 people a week in Skagit County. Most everyone in Skagit County knows someone who knows someone who checks  out Skagit Breaking.  We have become a “Go To” spot  for Skagit County residents to get information about things going on in and around our community. I was “on scene” as soon as the bridge collapsed, as I was in the area. Below are some of the photos I took of the rescue operation. Photo Credit: Chris Nelson


We understand that it can be depressing to read all the  daily postings about criminal activity that is happening in Skagit County.   We feel that posting this information will help bring awareness to the crime problems.  Together we can help each other be aware of what is going on around us. We can help  protect our families  from becoming victims of the people committing these crimes. Overall, our community is a great place. Our site is not a true picture of the entire Skagit County Population. Only a very small percentage of our population are out committing these crime and victimizing the rest of our community. Our goal is Community Awareness and Crime Prevention.  You will see many references to the Skagit County Jail booking report and the Skagit County  Jail roster. If you don’t want to end up on our website, don’t get arrested.

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