Skagit Valley College Drama Department to Present: “It Can’t Happen Here”, Based on Novel by Sinclair Lewis


The Skagit Valley College Drama Department will present It Can’t Happen Here, based on the novel by Sinclair Lewis. It will be presented in the Phillip Tarro Theatre on May 18, 19, 25, 26 and June 1-2 at 7:30 PM and on June 3 at 2 PM. It will be directed by SVC Drama Department Chair, Damond Morris.

As per Skagit Valley College’s News Release: “The production follows the novel, with the fictional rise of the first fascist dictator in the United States. A pre-show lecture featuring the Chair of SVC’s History Department, Kurt Dunbar (and guests), on the tenants of fascism will begin one hour before curtain. A discussion will also follow each performance. Published in 1935, the prophetic novel by Sinclair Lewis explored the possibilities of a fascist state in the U.S. as we watched Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler rise to power in Europe. His fictional candidate, Buzz Windrip, promises to bring the country back to a better time, restore discipline and order in government, and force a do-nothing Congress to action. Following his election, he quickly becomes the country’s first dictator, declaring martial law and moving the poor, foreigners, and protestors into labor camps.

Following the bestselling success of the novel at the heart of the Great Depression, the play was originally commissioned by the Federal Theatre Project (FTP), under the Works Progress Administration shortly after publication. Sinclair Lewis worked with FTP “Living Newspaper” scriptwriters to adapt the story to the stage and on October 27, 1936 the production opened simultaneously in 21 cities across the country and was a wild success. Between all of the Federal Theatres, the play ran for over 700 weeks.”

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