Burlington High School Student Arrested For Bringing Knives To School

School Bus File Photo

Burlington, WA–  Burlington-Edison  High School Staff acted quickly on reports from a student on March 9th, 2018 that he had seen another student with two kitchen knives in a backpack on the bus.

Prior to the first period, school Staff immediately located the student suspected to be in possession of the knives and brought him to the Main Office where he was searched and the two  knives were recovered.

B-E High School staff notified the Burlington Police Department and contacted the students parents regarding the incident, according to an email from High School Principal Todd Setterlund.

“The Student was compliant both with our interview and with the interview conducted by Burlington Police” wrote Setterlund.

The Student has been Emergency Expelled from school and will be subject to a School Safety Assessment.

“The Safety of our students and staff is our top priority. We commend the reporting student for immediately sharing what he saw on the busy today with B-E High School Staff. We are a strong, safe learning community because of our collective willingness to work together and share information when we see or hear something unusual” wrote Setterlund.

Student Staff ask that parents continue to talk with their students about sharing information with adults regarding potentially dangerous situations. Students, parents/guardians, and staff can utilize the SafeSchools tips line by calling or texting (855) 714-0195 to anonymously report safety or other concerns at individual schools.  Tips can also be emailed to 1377@alert1.us. Tips are investigated and handled internally or forwarded to the Burlington Police Department or Skagit County Sheriff’s Department, as appropriate.

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