Camano Island Man Dies After Jumping from Bridge into River


Arlington, WA – Arlington Firefighters and Rescue Crews responded to Haller Park in the 1100 block of N. West Avenue around 8 p.m. on Friday, August 4th, 2017 for a swift water rescue.

Witnesses told Snohomish County Sheriff’s Deputies that a man who was  from Camano Island, was with some friends and they  were having a good time in the water.  At some point, the  man climbed up onto a high point on the Haller Bridge and jumped into the water. Witnesses said he landed dangerously flat on the water and briefly resurfaced before disappearing into the water.

Roughly 15 people went into the river to assist in looking for the man without success. Rescue Divers were called to the scene and after roughly 30 minutes they were able to find the man in a deep part of the river and pull him from the water. Rescue crews immediately started CPR and he was transported to Cascade Valley Hospital in Arlington where he was pronounced dead.

The man has not been formally identified by the Sheriff’s Office but friends and family have identified him as 24-year old Alec Althuisius of Stanwood.  According to his social media accounts, Alec was a commercial diving supervisor at LiquiVision Technology and graduated from Stanwood High School.  He was described as a great guy who could always make people smile and laugh.  He was a daredevil, a fun-loving brother and son, an avid Motocross Rider and one of the nicest people you could have ever know according to several of his friends.

Photo Credit: Hannah Balcos with Hannah LeRae Photography


A Sunset Vigil for Alex is scheduled to be held on August 11th at Haller Bridge Park, 154 W. Cox Avenue, Arlington, WA. Family and Friends plan to line the bridge and will be sending flowers down the river at sunset. They request you bring your favorite flower.


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