Man Hit in Head with Axe During Assault

Assault File Photo

Burlington, WA – In the early morning hours of May 26th 2017, Deputies from the  Skagit County Sheriff’s Office and Officers from the  Burlington Police Department responded to a 9-1-1 call  from a woman stating her brother had just been assaulted with an axe.

According to court documents obtained through a public disclosure request by,  just after midnight,  Officers responded to the assault call in the area of Sanchez Lane.

While en route, Officers received a separate report of shots fired in the area. A witness told Officers he heard shots fired and then saw a male running towards Sanchez Lane.  The shots were reported to have come from the area of the Sanchez Lane Storage Units.  The Sanchez Lane Storage Units are known to Law Enforcement as the cause of many issues in the immediate area.

Officers made contact with the Manager of the Sanchez Lane Storage Units and asked him if he had heard any shots being fired, to which he told Officers, no but he had heard a vehicle in the area backfire.

Officers then made contact with the victim at the trailer park on Sanchez lane. The victim had a visible cut on his head as well as a large swollen area on his left arm. Medics were called to the scene and the victim was transported by Ambulance to Skagit Valley Hospital in Mount Vernon for treatment.

The victim was able to identify his attacker as 57-year old Zhon Finn of Burlington. Mr. Finn is the manager of the Sanchez Lane Storage Units that Law Enforcement has previously spoken with.

According to court documents, both men live in separate storage sheds on the property. The victim told Detectives that Mr. Finn had broken in his door and came in and hit him in the head and arms with an axe. The victim then fled to his sister’s house nearby and stated he heard gunshots while he was on the way to his sister’s house.

When Detectives asked the victim why Mr. Finn would attack him, he told Detectives that he was being targeted by the florencia gang and that he believed this was another attack.

The victim suffered a cut on his head and a broken left arm in the attack.

Mr. Finn remains in the Skagit County Jail in lieu of $20,000 bail for investigation of Assault 2nd Bodily Harm and Burglary 1st Degree.


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