Submitted: Praise for Discount Tire


Good Morning, I wanted to share my positive experience with a local business.

My husband and I went in to have our tires rotated and when we were picking up our vehicle we overheard a conversation between an elderly lady and an employee of discount tire.

She obviously needed new tires and didn’t have the funds to pay for them. I whispered to my husband as we walked out the door that we should pay for them and he went back in to tell another employee who we believe is the manager.

The other employee (Ricky, I believe is his name) said he would call us and let us know the outcome. He said that if she was truly in need they would take care of her. He called us back a few minutes later to let us know they were going to give the lady 4 tires, mounted and balanced. I just wanted someone else to know about it.

We already knew that Discount Tire was a great company, but this just further proved it!!

Lori M.

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