Vandals Destroy Area Around Barnaby Slough


Skagit County, WA – Vandals have destroyed an area around Barnaby Slough, damaging gates, destroying a house on the property and  stealing timber and  metal.

The Barnaby Reach of the Skagit River extends from Illabot Creek downstream to the Sauk River near the town of Rockport, WA. Seattle City Light, The Nature Conservancy, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the Skagit River System Cooperative are currently evaluating opportunities to improve fish habitat and provide other benefits to natural resources in this reach of the river according to their website.


On March 12th, a local photographer who regularly frequents the area to take beautiful  photos of the swans, otters, grouse and other  wildlife, posted on social media “Barnaby today was a little depressing, someone pull(ed) out the gate post, butchered trees and cleaned out their pickup bed. Then there was the nearby shooting that left the critters skittish and scarce. so much for sanctuary.”

Representatives of Skagit Land Trust (SLT) visited the site after learning of possible damage and vandalism in the area to check on property owned by the Nature Conservancy . Once on site the SLT members observed the gate leading into the property had been destroyed. The concrete footing for the hinge posts had been ripped from the ground.

A house on the property has been ransacked. Windows and doors are missing and the house sustained vandalism throughout.

Along the West route of the Slough someone had stolen the finials from the fences and fencing and taken most anything metal.

Windfalls along the roadway had been cleared, to allow vehicles to travel down the roadway, which had previously been blocked.

Cedar Trees, including windfalls and one snag that was felled had been cut and blocks of the trees had been removed.

There had been significant cutting on windfall maples, where the thieves appeared to have taken figured wood and burls.

A large Alder tree was felled and the first twenty-five feet of the larger end of the tree had been cut and removed from the site.  A large pickup size load  of debris, including bark, trash and miscellaneous items was left behind and a starter motor was left laying in the roadway.

Most of the Timber related thefts occurred on Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Property, the theft and damage to the house occurred on Seattle City Light property and the gate and metal thefts appear to have occurred on the Nature Conservancy property.

If you have information on the thefts, you are asked to contact the Skagit County Sheriff’s Office with information.


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