Bellingham Police Seek Information in 2014 Attempted Murder

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Bellingham, WA –  Bellingham Police are looking for any information the public may have regarding an attempted murder incident that happened almost three years ago.

According to a press release from Danette Beckley, Public Information Officer for the Bellingham Police Department, on May 2nd, 2014 a Ferndale woman was brutally  attacked by an armed intruder at her home.

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The woman, who had her two small children in the house at the time, was bound with her hands behind her back. The intruder then slit her throat and fired a handgun at her as she lay on the floor. The intruder then fled the residence in the victim’s vehicle.

The female was left for dead, but she was able to get outside and sought help from a neighbor before losing consciousness.  The woman survived her injuries.

Law Enforcement was able to locate the stolen vehicle and the suspect nearby.  The suspect, 34-year old Chad Horne, led Police on a high-speed chase and then took his own life inside the stolen vehicle.

Mr. Horne’s live-in girlfriend, Lesley Villatoro, is currently serving a 40-year prison sentence for being an accomplice.  She dropped Mr. Horne off at the victims residence the day of the attempted homicide.


Detective working the case still have some unanswered questions and are seeking information on the possibility of a third suspect being involved.

State Law only allows 3-years to charge someone with soliciting an attempted murder, which detectives believe might be the case in this incident.  The three-year time limit ends on May 2nd, 2017. If detectives are correct and Mr. Horne was hired to kill the victim, then they only have until May 2nd, 2017 to gather enough evidence to formally charge the man they suspect of hiring Mr. Horne to have the victim killed.

According to several in-depth articles by The Bellingham Herald, detectives believe the victims new girlfriend still had a husband, and he was jealous, so jealous that police suspected him of hiring Horne as a hitman to kill the victim.

Detectives ask if you have information on the attempted murder, that you please contact their online tip line by clicking here and reference case 14B-18738.


Press Release Information provided by The Bellingham Police Department

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